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GOLD, SILVER - (current bid, $ change)

Management Team

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Dr. Michael R. Major, M.D., Chairman, Director

Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon and Board Member of GSLM since 2005. Currently Chairman of the Board. Previous experience with numerous start-ups including Silver Spring Networks, a leading IP-based provider of networking software for the "smart-grid" roll out now underway. Board experience includes an advisory board role with Philadelphia-based Infratel, an OSP provider for "triple-play" cabinets for the telephone companies.

William S. Aldrich, President & CEO, Director

Elected by the Board as President and Board member in February 2006. Became CEO January 2009. Previous experience includes 28 years in the financial services industry including, banking, brokerage and insurance industries. Education: Lake Forest College BA and MBA from the University of Chicago.

Mr. Aldrich was also a director of Exmin Resources, LTD and served on the audit committee. Exmin Resources was a Canadian mining corporation listed on the Toronto stock exchange symbol EXM:TSXV.

Mark Proskine, CFO, Secretary and Treasurer, Director

Director, CFO, Secretary and Treasurer. Member of the Board since 2004. Previous experience member of the CBOE as an options trader 1972-2006. President and Board member of Avrig 35 an real estate investment trust located Bucharest, Romania since 1997.

Paul Evans, Director

Commodities and options trader on the Chicago Board of Trade and Chicago Board Options Exchange from 1978 to 1997. Partner with biotechnology development firm since 2003.

Audit Committee

Chairman: Mark Proskine
  • Dr. Mike Major
  • Mark Proskine
  • William S. Aldrich

Compensation Committee:

Chairman: Paul Evans

Nominating Committee:

Chairman: Dr. Mike Major
  • William S. Aldrich

Consulting Geologists:

  • Brian Jones
  • Dan Proctor
  • Joey Wilkins

Consultant to the President:

  • Everett Makela, P. Geo

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Grand Central Silver Mine
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